Nina Maluda

- — -

Nina is an artist, teacher, healer, and entrepreneur whose passion for spiritual exploration and self-expression has led her on countless adventures around the world.

She has traveled to China to study Tai Chi with the Grandmasters and to Chile to study Qigong. She spent many years assisting and working with a Shaman Healer traveling to Costa Rica, Trinidad, Mongolia, and Canada.

Growing up in a creative household, Nina was taught the importance of artistic expression at an early age. Her love of dance, movement, and art continued throughout her academic career and led to her opening her own costume design company, Nina Seattle—specializing in designing and creating costumes for a wealth of clients including world champion ballroom dancers and ice skaters.

In 2009, Nina found the life-changing practices of Tai Chi and Qigong led by master teacher, Kimberly Ivy, at her school, Embrace the Moon. A new commitment to wellness practices and aging wisely led her into a 3 year Qigong teacher training program that included the principles of Yin/Yang theory, Chinese medicine, and the basics of Daoist philosophy. She continues her study of Tai Chi through workshops and intensive training with world-renowned teachers.

She also has been able to deepen her longtime yoga practice with Forrest yoga teacher, Gianna Carotenuto. Gianna has graciously imparted her wisdom and expertise about the healing powers of connecting movement with breath and connecting mind and body through honoring the spirit with ceremony.

Today, Nina lives in California where she has moved to be closer to family and explore the treasures of being a grandmother. With a lifetime spent seeking, exploring, and creating she hopes to incorporate her love of art, movement, and healing into her new company, Stone + Feather. Each of the workshops, experiences, and sacred creations offered at Stone + Feather is inspired by Nature and guided by Spirit.

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