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Turkey — abundance, honor, connection, and community

Peacock — vision, spirituality, awakening, and protection

Macaw — communication, flight, beauty, and guidance

Goose — teamwork, commitment, respect, and fidelity

Pheasant— self-awareness, creativity, openness, and protection

Lady Amherst Pheasant — creativity, balance, passion, balance

Rooster — trustworthy, courageous, insightful, and protective

Chicken — sacrifice,new growth,optimism and discovery

Duck — flow, self-confidence, communication, and knowing

Crow — power, intelligence, flexibility, mystery

Owl — wisdom, intuition, transition, and spirit

Hawk — strength, vision, awareness, and courage

Eagle — respect, honesty, power, and freedom


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All of our feathers are gathered from responsible sources. Because of the strict regulations on the possession and sale of feathers of migratory birds we are guided to hand paint beautiful replicas of these with the energy and intent of the originals.

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Clear Quartz Crystal — opens the mind and heart to higher guidance, amplification, manifestation, and clarity

Aqua Aura — tranquility,peace, protection from undesirable elements of life

Rose Quartz —stone of beauty and love, promotes compassion, appreciation, and calmness

Amethyst — spiritual stone with healing and cleansing powers, enhances creativity and decision making

Citrine — powerful cleanser and regenerator, warming, energizing, creative

Carnelian — grounds you in present reality, warms and energizes, endurance, courage, leadership

Danburite — facilitates deep change, karmic cleanser, patience and peace of mind

Jasper — encourages humility and compassion, revered as a sacred and protective stone

Labradorite — strength, perseverance, and transformation,deflects unwanted energies

Lapis Lazuli — reveals inner truth and encourages self-expression, brings qualities of honesty, compassion, and clarity

Ruby — stone of love, increases vitality, promotes clear mind, concentration, and passion

Topaz — dispeller of negative energy, embodies energy of the spirit and opens ones senses to the essence of the self

Turquoise — promotes inner harmony and peace through spiritual understanding, power, flexibility, and earth grounding

Tourmaline — grounding, clears negative energy, purification, and protection


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